The Story of “Mangoes and Sculpture”.

Mangoes and Sculpture second shotThis painting incorporates play with space, color and subject matter. The process began in my studio while I was an artist in residence at the Vytlacil Campus in June of 2015.

I had brought ingredients for my still life. Mangoes, an embroidered silk Monton that my Aunt Blanca gave to me, other fabric and the beautiful bronze sculpture of a woman, by Knox Martin.

Listening to my father’s teachings in art, the background had to work with the foreground, not go back, not have the perspective that some artists seek.

I had set up the table by the glass doors and discovered that the tree outside, Rhymed with the position of the sculpture, so I used the tree, bringing the background forward. I found an image of a mango tree, with luminous pink mangoes and used this. making the mangoes the same size as the ones on the table. The position of the leaves and fruit, play with the shapes and composition on the table and fabric.

When I paint, I find that I am a participant. I start with an idea, and then let the painting lead the next move.

This is what has been taught to me to make a brand new, never been seen before work of art. There is no known method, because if there was, it would not be a unique new creation.

The result is a play of space. It is fun to look at. It is 30X50″, oil on linen. Gallery wrapped on ¬†1 3/4 ” stretcher bars.

Thank you, Knox Martin, for your amazing continuous instruction about art, that enables the magic of true creation.

Olivia Korringa


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